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who we are

We help startups soar! As an accelerator division of InceptFinancial, which is our parent company with its foot on trading in global financial markets established in 2014, IF Labs launched in 2015 to help ambitious and innovative startups.

Our goal is to support startups to expand domestically and grow internationally through our accelerating program.

We help startups setup, grow and connect to later investors with education, coaching, and mentoring. We always consider and focus on “What is practically helpful for startups?”.


Chung Peter Kim
"Dream big and go after it one step at a time."
  • Co-Founder, InceptFinancial
  • Co-Founder, Ingensoma
  • Accountant, Arthur Andersen
Seung Victor Park
"Constantly challenge yourself."
  • Trader & Analyst, InceptFinancial
  • Junior Quant, KDB Daewoo Securities

Who support teams


Arvind Gupta
  • Partner, SOS Ventures
  • Board of Director, MotionSavvy
  • Co-founder, Starters
  • Design Director, IDEO
Bada Shin
  • CEO, Cafe Zari (Social Enterprise)
  • CEO, Umzari
  • CEO, cafe Lip
  • Manager, SK Communications
Claire Chang
  • Co-founder & Managing Director, IgniteXL
Dan Lee
  • Int’l Tax Consultant, Kim & Chang
  • Tax Director, UBS
  • Senior Manager, Samil PWC
  • Tax Specialist, Accenture
Elaine Huang
  • Freelance Journalist
  • Southeast Asian Correspondent, e27
  • Content Strategist, Echelon
Hwaseong Jeon
  • CEO, CNT Tech
  • CEO, CreativeComms
  • Joint Professor, Chung-ang Univ.
  • Movie Director
Jongsup Kim
  • CEO, Big Idea Lab
  • CEO, Big Idea Marketing
  • Finalist, Busan International Advertising Awards
  • Creativity International Awards
  • Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
Kristrun Hjartar
  • Project Manager, Jiff
  • Founder, Vakna Design
  • Director, Monkey Wrench Design
  • Co-founder, Starters
Nathan Millard
  • Founder, G3 Partners
  • Director, BeSUCCESS
  • Visiting Professor, Yonsei University
  • Communications Manager, Ipsos Korea
Paul Kang
  • CEO, Newsnjoy
  • Trader and Co-Founder, InceptFinancial
  • Consulant, Samil PWC
  • Trader, Ingensoma
  • Founder & Owner, Café Vine
  • Author, <골목사장분투기>
Seri Sheen
  • Project Manager, Venture Port Global
  • Project Manager, Neowiz China
  • Member, Smart Devices Association
  • Co-founder, Easyworks Universe
Seunghyun Cho
  • CEO & Founder, Yozma Ventures
  • Managing Partner, Yozma Group
  • Founder, Marvelstone Partners
  • Founder, Leonie Hill Capital
Seungil Kim
  • Ph.D Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Yonsei Univ.
  • Head, Everyone’s Lab
  • Platinum Inventor, Intellectual Ventures
  • CEO, Speech Innovation Consulting Group
  • Chief Research Engineer, LG Electronics
Seungjae Hong
  • CTO, InceptFinancial
  • Senior Algo Developer, Ingensoma
  • Team Manager, Nexon
  • Team Manager, Webzen
Woojoon Choi
  • Assistant Manager, Hanssem
  • Quant Trader, Ingensoma


How we help

We guide you through uncertainty.

Program overview


Funds (~25 Million KRW
for 1~5% Equity),
Co-working space,
Company setup


4M Program (Mold/Market/Modify/Monitor),
Mentorship from experienced advisors


Connect with investors,
Continue as a long-term investor to provide mentorship

Funds and Co-working Space

We will provide co-working space with funds for the team to spend over 3~6 months in return of 1~5% equity.
  • Teams will be provided upwards of 25 Million KRW to spend for the 6 months period.
  • Our goal is to take the team to the next series of funding and beyond to grow globally.
  • We provide co-working space for 3~6 months.
  • Discussions and whiteboard pitches will be held to prepare for fundraising.

Structured Program

We designed 3~6 month program to help teams to grow into the next phase.
  • Different teams need different assistants that are often company specific.
  • The program can be modified to fit the team in ad hoc fashion.
Build MVP
Cohort Test
4M Methodology to expedite growth globally

Connect to Next Investment Stage

  • Connect with international later round funds, investors and accelerators, where necessary.
  • Keep our teams updated with later investors’ criterias, metrics and momentum targets to position our teams for fundraising, if necessary.
  • Network opportunity with Angel Clubs and other pitching venues to improve funding opportunity.

Who we look for


We are trying to build a community of successful and passionate entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in people’s lives.
Let us support you from the formation of your company, to building the team and product, and lastly, to getting additional funding.


  • Why now?
  • How severe is the problem?
  • How many people experience this problem?


  • What is the long term vision?
  • Background/career of the founder and his/her role.


  • What is a statement that best describes your team?
  • Background of each teammate and their role.
  • How did teammates meet and how long have they been working together?


  • Something new or different about what the company will do.
  • How does the product/service solve the problem proposed?


  • Current or likely competitors and key differentiators.
  • Information on money the company has already raised.